How to Increase Productivity and Efficiency

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  • Understand How to Prioritize
  • Use the 3 goals per day rule
  • Plan While Understanding Yourself
  • Use the 5 Minute Rule to Build a New Habit

  • Use the 3 Goals Per Day Rule

    When you wake up, list out a maximum of three important and achievable goals. We often overestimate our
    level of energy which can result in burn out. When creating your list, you should look at these items and think to yourself,
    “this doesn’t seem so bad. I can accomplish these three things today pretty easily.”

    Choose whichever tool you would like to write down these 3 items. I personally use reminders on my iPhone and display the
    three items on the first page of my home screen using Apple’s widgets Whatever tool you choose, make sure you choose a
    tool that you always have access to, understand how to use, and doesn’t cause you to spend an unreasonable amount of time.

    Plan While Understanding Yourself

    It’s easy to say “I will spend 3 hours every day working on X side project,” while you’re working full time, have
    chores, and other responsibilities; it’s hard to actually execute.

    To stay true to your schedule, give yourself buffer time and understand how you operate. Use a tool that
    allows you to easily schedule your days. I use a mixture of Google Calendar and Outlook. When I plan my days,
    I try to give myself a lot of buffer time in between important tasks.

    Use the 5 Minute Rule to Build a New Habit

    Telling yourself that you will spend only 5 minutes doing something is a good way to get yourself to start a task.
    By doing so, you encourage yourself to get started, without feeling intimidated; after all, it’s only 5 minutes!
    You’ll find yourself spending more than 5 minutes. There will be days where you cannot go longer than 5.
    However, by doing it every day you’re forming a habit that will help you stay consistent. Consistency is the key!


    Here is a great video about productivity!