How to become a successful programmer

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Persistence and Passion

There is a reason this requirement was placed in the beginning of this article. Persistence and passion aren’t things
that can be taught; they both have to come from you. Many people want to get into front end developing; a want is not a burning desire.

Becoming a front-end developer requires a strong passion for building beautiful, responsive, and efficient applications.
Your persistence to overcome challenges and setbacks should be fueled by your passion to succeed as a web developer.

Mistakes To Avoid

Courses are a great way to get a general idea of how a language or framework works. However, it’s easy to get caught up in
watching hours of material, without retaining much information. It is essential that you write every line of code that
an instructor writes in order for you to completely understand what’s going on.

DO NOT go on auto piolet when writing code from a course. You need to internalize and understand what the purpose of each line is.
If you get confused, go back, comment on the video, google, or search stack overflow.

The Only Way to Truly Learn

Guided Tutorials!

Guided tutorials are a great way to truly grasp the real-world application of a certain programming language or concept.
For example, building an Instagram clone with react , or 15 vanilla JavaScript projects are both good examples of
the types of videos you should look for, for whatever language you’re aiming to master.

Challenge Yourself!

Recreate websites and/or web apps on your own! Try and recreate the websites you made in the guided tutorials without
looking at the videos. If you get stuck use Google and Stack Overflow before looking back at the original guided tutorial video.
You can also refer to websites like decChallenges to practice building from scratch.